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Northeast Premier Physical Medicine

Medical Care
for Personal Injury

With a board-certified physiatrist and a neurosurgical nurse practitioner coordinating your medical care, we work to ensure you have the most efficient recovery and optimal outcomes. Northeast Premier Physical Medicine offers medical care designed specifically for the needs of people recovering from various types of traumatic injury and over-use injuries. This includes motor-vehicle accidents, work injuries, assault injuries, fall injuries, and more. Services include:

Coordination and authorizations for all recovery care

Exams and medical diagnostics

Medication management and pain medication

Ultrasound-guided joint injections

Surgical referrals

Authorization of physical therapy and chiropractic

Monitoring / managing recovery process

Third-party Reimbursement

Even if you have health insurance, payment for injury treatment often involves reimbursement from other people's insurance companies. In these instances, it is important to have correct documentation to ensure you receive fair reimbursement. Because we focus on injury care, we have more experience in creating accurate and full documentation that satisfies the needs of third-party payors, even when there are legal claims. Additionally, when our patients have a letter of protection from their attorneys, we will postpone billing for our care until your legal case is resolved. This allows our patients to receive the medical care they need promptly, while also having peace of mind.

Northeast Premier and Your Primary Care Practitioner

The medical practitioners at Northeast Premier Physical Medicine focus on experienced care for injuries. We work beside your primary care practitioner and return you to the long-term service of your primary care practitioner after your injury has resolved.

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