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Chiropractic Care
for Personal Injury

If medically indicated by your injury status, our doctors of chiropractic will provide manual therapy designed to relieve pain, facilitate healing, improve joint function, and restore neurologic function that was disordered by orthopedic misalignments. Treatments may include:

Spinal manipulation

Joint mobilization

Clearing muscle and fascia adhesions (often by using instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization)

Electro-modalities such therapeutic ultrasound

Dry needling

and other chiropractic treatments

Safety of Chiropractic Spinal Manipulations

Chiropractic spinal manipulations are safe. Approximately 20% of patients will experience some temporary stiffness and soreness following the first couple of treatments. The risk of serious injury has been estimated between one in one million to one in ten million. If you have specific concerns about potential complications from receiving chiropractic manipulations, please discuss them with the doctor before receiving treatment. Chiropractors receive the highest level of education on spinal manipulative therapy and administer greater than 90% of skilled manipulation services provided in the United States.

How Much Chiropractic Will I Require?

Some factors that may influence recovery include: the patient's age, his / her treatment goals, general health status, severity of the injury, chronicity of the problem, genetics and the number of prior episodes. Adhering to any prescribed home therapy is an integral part of recovery.

Some patients simply want relief from the immediate pain and may require only a few treatments. Others prefer to experience optimal health and require more intensive and comprehensive care. We will make recommendations that we believe are in the patient's best interest, but the choice is always up to the patient. Many individuals make chiropractic care part of their routine health maintenance; similar to exercising regularly.

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